About Me

Gaous Afrizal Born @Lombok Island
He Fall into Open Source World since 2004 when he play with slackware. And it make him become authis for a while. And since that year, he has been use and experience many Linux distro and until today he still call himself a newbie.

In the next year he became a member on Internet Application Research Development and write some tutorial on his blog (some of his writing has been erased over the abolition of his blog).

And in since that year too, many research / project he follow and done for
Such As
  • Create own Distro by use Linux From Scratch method
  • Create Mini Slackware based on Slackware 10.0
  • Create Linux Mobile OS based on Slackware 10.2 and Maemo Source Code
  • Embedded OS for working As Transparent Proxy
And he worked on Program Professional Telkom as asisstant in 2008 for 6 month. In the 2009 he become asisten again on Politeknik Telkom. On march 2009 after he graduated from ITTelkom, he joined with Datacomm as Implement Engineer. In this place he learnt many things such as about router especially alcatel 7450 because the job not only sit down, but must mounting, staging, and implement on every BTS Telecommunication. On  his space time, he sometimes do Karate Move...hyaahhh!!!

He graduated from ITTelkom focus in Telecommunication - Switching and Network. In July 2009 , he going to campus again once more to take study on ITTelkom focus in Telecommunication - Transmition Degree. However, he cannot unbound from opensource till today