Thursday, December 3, 2009

Home Networking - Old Computer, Huawei Modem E1550

well, last month i bought new modem. Huawei Modem E1550 by Three and from IM2 (Indosat Mega Multimedia) for me, my wife and my brother.

Actually, ive been thingking about create small network @ my house, since i have old computer which i save it @ IARD Lab while i not use it on this time.

My Plann was Easy . Create Proxy using old computer and my laptop and my new computer could access it using my proxy. The Benefit ? Well, since i only have 3GB Quota's from Indosat M2 it will save my quota.

Here is the complete plan of my home networking

Friday, November 6, 2009

Karmic Koala 9.10 and Tweak

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala has been out . Unfortunately karmic need higher requirement, so it could decrease my netbook performan. My laptop specification's are
– Intel Dual Core 1,8 GHz
– 1 GB RAM
– Intel GMA 965
– Hardisk 200 GB

I think my Laptop work slowly. This happen since ubuntu 8.04 - 9.10 . I find out how to tweak but most of them it is only half success. I got ide and try it out, the result so far is good. it only load 30%.

Here is the tips n trick :
1. CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor. Set it to be PowerSave
this will force laptop to work on the minimum speed which could allow. On my case it work on 800 MHz.

2. Set up Session startup
Menu > System > Preferences > Startup Application
There is a lot daemon services which startup when boot @ first time. I think shutdown a few services will be good think . On My case, i've shutdown
— Bluetooth Manager
— Check For new hardware drivers
— Evolution Alarm Notifier (Evolution Mail)
— Gnome Do ( jika sebelumnya install gnome do )
— Gwibber ( Microblogging Client for Gnome )
— Print Queue Applet
— Remote Desktop
— Screensaver
— update notifier
— Visual Assistance
— ( Maybe there are another services again? )

3. The most application which need much resources is FIREFOX
Firefox Themes could affect to laptop performance's . For that, change your themes which more simply and light. On my case i used Foxdie Blue Theme

4. Lighweight Multimedia Player Menggunakan multimedia player
I've change my mind go to other heart...hehehe...i mean choose Audacious which need less resources than rythmbox.

5. shutdown Compiz(Desktop Effect)
Menu > System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects > None

Now, I thing your laptop will be more faster than before after restart your system

Well , Im not Angel either demon just human . Maybe there is other tips n trick ? Thanx for advices

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– Gaous Afrizal –

Thursday, May 28, 2009

howto installing Ubuntu Jaunty

well, it's been 36 days after Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Release. It's so late i thought, however i still wanna wrote about installing ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope :)
On this tutorial i dont wanna talk to much, so i will give you tutorial using screenshot. Another question dont hesitate me to ask :)

1. Insert DVD or CD ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope
2. Boot From CD and DVD
3. Choose Install Ubuntu, so you will going into this stage

4. Welcome Sceen

5. Setting Time

6. Keyboard Layout ( By default we use n choose USA )

7. Setting Partition
a. If you wanna use all ( entire hardisk )

7b. If you wanna use manual ( I suggest use manual ) . If so follow next step

8. Prepare Partition
i have my assume, your partition on first places ( it will read /dev/sda1 ) and you still doesnt have linux partition.

9. Create or Edit Partition
it will same ... on this case i use "edit" option . Filesystem not NTFS but REISERFS

Partition Filesystem not NTFS but REISERFS
Mount point will be the place where the partition will active. Example, First Partition usually we Call C: drive on Windows

10. Create Swap Partition
if you have enough memory ( Ex : 1 Gb Memory ), then you dont need create a big swap just 200 MB it's okey.

11. Create User and Password

12. Importing Document from Another system if you have

13. Result configuration before you begin install system into hardisk

14. Installation begin
15. Restart System after installation finish

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


hmmm...actually i didnt know what i must write on this page...but well i thought... it's better than nothing :D actually this time im still busy writing about LINUX FUNDAMENTALS and INTERACTIVE STREAMING SERVER USING OPEN SOURCES . Well it's not easy and it's not difficult for me. Just difficult on time management :) . Later i will wrote about what in my head and technical support maybe :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Lack , Disadvantages

What you think when someone ask you to write down your disadvantage. Well , my lack disadvantage of my self i thought so many. But here is a few :
1. The truth is i didnt understand about database, oracle, MySQL, postgreSQL. Still, until now im not understand and not mastering the SQL Language. The problem is not between interest or not interest. It's how to praticing it to learning n understanding SQL Language.

2. I didnt understand Algorithme or Programming. Well, this is my lack i thought. Its not im lazy learning programming languange, but well i didnt know how to write a single program n what that program to do. but Reading algorithm n someone program source code i could read it :)

3. When im not interesting on the subject, it's difficult for me to learning it. It's getting to long for me to learning it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hello World !! Wilkommen

Welcome to gaous afrizal blog. This is my first post. well actually this is not my first blog! .

Actually i have so many Blog from , , , , what again?to many i think, another blog which i maintenance together ( unfortunately i've never one single post :D. Im so sorry Mr.Hartcone) , and then maintenance a place for sharing knowledege . And now i come back to Blogspot ( ) and Wordpress ( ) i hope i could consistence and survive. Maybe i will move when i have Collocation Server which one i will maintenance with my Beloved Wive