Monday, May 4, 2009

My Lack , Disadvantages

What you think when someone ask you to write down your disadvantage. Well , my lack disadvantage of my self i thought so many. But here is a few :
1. The truth is i didnt understand about database, oracle, MySQL, postgreSQL. Still, until now im not understand and not mastering the SQL Language. The problem is not between interest or not interest. It's how to praticing it to learning n understanding SQL Language.

2. I didnt understand Algorithme or Programming. Well, this is my lack i thought. Its not im lazy learning programming languange, but well i didnt know how to write a single program n what that program to do. but Reading algorithm n someone program source code i could read it :)

3. When im not interesting on the subject, it's difficult for me to learning it. It's getting to long for me to learning it.

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