Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dell Mini 12 and Jolicloud

hmm...december 2009 , i bought new dell mini 12 inspiron.
It came with preinstalled Vista Basic and I dont like it, since my laptop have low specification and not upgradeable. so i change it into Windows 7 and yesterday added new OS, JOLICLOUD!!

here is my screenshot of JOLICLOUD

Quite nice i think, and i dont have to install poulsbo driver since jolicloud support it.
but the problem is The Sound and Huawei Modem 3G E1550

fyuh...it just like before on Karmic Koala.

I didnt hear any sound from my laptop after install mplayer n vlc when i play mp4 file nor AVI file (before install mplayer n vlc, avi file running fine using movie player but not with MP4 file)
Huawei Modem 3G E1550 have not been support, since it still use jaunty as base n udev-141.
Still crash. Sometimes when i want to install apps, it error. I dont know, is it because my connection or apps? so, to install apps sometimes i use via terminal (but it's oke for me :D )

well, overall it's good use this Jaunty Cloud Pre Beta. Hope, next release will better :D
WELCOME JOLICLOUD n here i come :D

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